How to Vevolve: Students


Vevolve is a video coaching platform that powers personal achievement through accessible coaching. Our video technology connects students and coaches and is no dependent on location or skill, making valuable coaching accessible for everyone.


  • Utilizing the latest video technology, Vevolve improves organization and time management giving you the flexibility to receive coaching whenever, wherever.

Further Reach

  • Vevolve allows student the opportunity to connect with coached beyond previous geographic, financial or time restraints, allowing you to find the perfect coach to improve your game.

Getting Started

  • Download the app and create a free profile
  • Explore your dashboard and find a coach
  • Upload a video and get feedback

Video Quality

  • Share video that is clear and displays the areas that you are looking to improve. Hold camera, make sure there is proper lighting and try to limit the number of additional people in the video shot outside the individual requesting instruction.

Selecting a Coach

  • Take the time to review coach’s profiles to find the perfect coach for you. Utilize the search function in the Find a Coach button identifying coaches that specialize in the area you are looking to improve.


  • Explore the dashboard to familiarize yourself with the app. Vevolve offers users complimentary resources to improve your game.

Grow the Community

  • Follow and chat with us on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.
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