Pro Tips: Students & Coaches


Personal achievement, meet accessible coaching. Vevolve’s video technology connects students and coaches in the most convenient ways, but before you get started take a look at a few Pro Tips to maximize your experience as a Student or Coach.

Pro Tips:


  • Take advantage of the chat feature prior to requesting a lesson. Unsure if a coach has experience specific to what you are looking to fix? Use the chat feature to ask questions that may not have been included in the coach’s bio.
  • Know exactly what you’re looking to improve. In order to get the best results from your lesson, be specific with the coach on area you are looking to improve.
  • Upload video that focuses on the Student. Be sure to provide video that has a clear shot of the Student performing the action that needs improvement. Keep additional people and distractions at a minimum.


  • Be mindful of your reply time. Turn on your notifications and check your email to make sure that you are aware of new messages from Students.
  • Send detailed messaged. The more details you can provide to your Student during a lesson the better the experience and easier it is to understand the adjustments that need to be made.
  • Market yourself. Invite your personal network of students and coaches to join the Vevolve team to grow your awareness within the app.
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