Private Instruction While Social Distancing


During this time of isolation and social distancing, it is important that we keep our distance from individuals who are not in our close bubble. However, activities such as athletics, music, dance and more provide important social and developmental skills, particularly for our youth. Further, athletes competing at high levels cannot afford to fall behind and must work and adapt to the circumstances. For this reason, it is key to find a solution for private instruction while social distancing.

Vevolve is the perfect solution for Students of all activities, as they can improve their skills while also maintaining distance from their peers, teammates and Coaches. Vevole connects Students anywhere with personally tailored coaching for the specific skills the athlete is looking to improve. 

Both Coaches and Students can benefit from our messaging platform by completing instruction and training from the comfort of their own homes. With the Vevolve app, this time of social distancing is the perfect opportunity to push ahead of the competition.

Private Instruction With Vevolve While Social Distancing
Convenient communication from Student and Coach
  • Students select one of the many coaches providing lessons through Vevolve (https://vevolve.com/coach/). Then, they send a video message of a practice or performance along with answers to prompts provided. 
Personal feedback from Coach to Student 
  • The Coach will review the video looking for specific ways to improve the Student’s skills. The Coach will send back a video with that analysis as well as drills for practice. Students and Coaches can exchange messages until one clicks to complete the lesson.
Individual receives all of the Coach’s attention and focus
  • The Coach can funnel all of his/her attention into helping the Student achieve their overall goals rather than only spending part of the lesson working directly with the athlete as it would be in a group setting. 
Instruction is tailored to what the individual needs, not a group
  • No more going through the motions of generic fundamental drills that any person can offer. With our experienced Coaches, you will get feedback on exactly what you intend to work on along with drills made specifically for the Student.

To get started and keep up to date with Vevolve, check out our website (https://vevolve.com), or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @vevolve_app.

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