Vevolve App Update

Vevolve Video Lesson Update: In the latest app release, Vevolve added several new features requested by you, our Students and Coaches. These improvements will improve the virtual lesson experience.

First, Students now have the ability to cancel their Lesson Request until their Coach Accepts the lesson. At that time, we know the Coach is taking their time to respond, so the cancel button becomes disabled. This will allow individuals, parents and kids to send their lesson with complete confidence.

Second, we improved the account creation and log-in functionality to include as many accounts as you’d like to sign-into on your device. This was a popular request from parents, who asked for the ability to create an account for each of their children, as well as themselves. Each user still requires their own email address for notifications. However, you can toggle between your accounts from the “Switch Accounts Screen.”

Other recent improvements include:

  • Longer video lengths. These are now extended to up to 5 minutes
  • Ability to upload videos and images throughout the lesson. Each message can now include a video
  • Additional reminders when messages are sent and received.
  • Bug fixes and User Experience Improvements.

We love hearing from all of our Students & Coaches. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know through the form below.

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How to Vevolve: Coaches

Our video technology connects students and coaches and is no dependent on location or skill, making valuable coaching accessible for everyone. This creates and extends video private lessons benefits to you.


  • Vevolve utilizes the latest video technology to improve organization and time management. This gives you the flexibility to coach, wherever.

Expanded Reach

  • Vevolve gives you the power to expand your coaching business beyond previous geographic, financial or time restraints.
  • Personalize your Coach Profile to stand out in the crowd.
  • Share your experience as an athlete and/or coach and display your expertise in the display boxes.

Grow the Community & Network

  • Like and Follow the Vevolve Community on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.
  • Send email invitations to your personal network to join Vevolve’s community.

Get Featured

  • Become a “Featured Coach” or “Ambassador” by emailing marketing@vevolve.com.


  • Respond to lesson requests and chats in a timely manner.
  • Provide feedback that is detailed and easy to understand.

Get Started

  • Download the app and create a free profile
  • Share your profile to grow our community
  • Accept lessons and share expertise

Pro Tips: Students & Coaches

Personal achievement, meet accessible coaching. Vevolve’s video technology connects students and coaches in the most convenient ways, but before you get started take a look at a few Pro Tips to maximize your experience as a Student or Coach.

Pro Tips:


  • Take advantage of the chat feature prior to requesting a lesson. Unsure if a coach has experience specific to what you are looking to fix? Use the chat feature to ask questions that may not have been included in the coach’s bio.
  • Know exactly what you’re looking to improve. In order to get the best results from your lesson, be specific with the coach on area you are looking to improve.
  • Upload video that focuses on the Student. Be sure to provide video that has a clear shot of the Student performing the action that needs improvement. Keep additional people and distractions at a minimum.


  • Be mindful of your reply time. Turn on your notifications and check your email to make sure that you are aware of new messages from Students.
  • Send detailed messaged. The more details you can provide to your Student during a lesson the better the experience and easier it is to understand the adjustments that need to be made.
  • Market yourself. Invite your personal network of students and coaches to join the Vevolve team to grow your awareness within the app.

How to Vevolve: Students

Vevolve is a video coaching platform that powers personal achievement through accessible coaching. Our video technology connects students and coaches and is no dependent on location or skill, making valuable coaching accessible for everyone.


  • Utilizing the latest video technology, Vevolve improves organization and time management giving you the flexibility to receive coaching whenever, wherever.

Further Reach

  • Vevolve allows student the opportunity to connect with coached beyond previous geographic, financial or time restraints, allowing you to find the perfect coach to improve your game.

Getting Started

  • Download the app and create a free profile
  • Explore your dashboard and find a coach
  • Upload a video and get feedback

Video Quality

  • Share video that is clear and displays the areas that you are looking to improve. Hold camera, make sure there is proper lighting and try to limit the number of additional people in the video shot outside the individual requesting instruction.

Selecting a Coach

  • Take the time to review coach’s profiles to find the perfect coach for you. Utilize the search function in the Find a Coach button identifying coaches that specialize in the area you are looking to improve.


  • Explore the dashboard to familiarize yourself with the app. Vevolve offers users complimentary resources to improve your game.

Grow the Community

  • Follow and chat with us on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.